Ogni giorno è il 9 Luglio

9 luglio 2009 at 16:17 (contributi in prestito, notizie in pillole) (, , , , , , , )

«Quanto è stata grande la resistenza il “9 Luglio“! Tutti quanti sono venuti. Giovani e anziani e gente di mezza età. E non in una sola strada, questa volta hanno imparato dalle tre settimane passate e hanno tenuto proteste di massa in 7-8 aree principali. Non mai c’è silenzio. Tutti quanti stanno gridando. Alcuni gridano “Allah è grande” ma subito dopo viene “Morte al dittatore” e “Governo golpista, dimissioni, dimissioni!” (*)

Cronaca della giornata di oggi (9 Luglio), per ora in inglese, rubata al Blog Revolutionary Road di Saeed Valadbaygi:

  • Enghelab sq. getting busy. Forces are present. People protest in front of Chinese embassy as well!
  • Army Unit (IRG) Positioned infront of Interior Ministry
  • Heavy Security Forces at Enghelab Sq.
  • Guards moving toward Jmalzadeh Cr. and Police replaced at Enghlab Sq
  • Army Helicopters Flying Over Enghelab Sq, Park Laleh and Azadi St
  • A group of people are protesting in front of Chinese embassy
  • People Gathering at Vanak Sq
  • Enghelab Sq is not completely closed but Police standing everywheree try to find key protesters among crowd
  • Guards moving toward Jmalzadeh Cr. and Police replaced at Enghlab Sq
  • There is no traffic! No security forces around Mohseni and Mirdamad
  • ALARMING declaration by General Hossein Hamedani of the Basij Forces
  • People & Basijis Clashes in SA’adatabad Enghelab and Tehran Universty a lot of demo
  • No Mobile Network at Centrlal Tehran.
  • Shiraz:clashes between people and basidj in darvaze qoran
  • On St. 12 Farvardin, Tehran 300 ppl sitting on the ground
  • I just called someone in Enghelab Sq. They are protesting safely! no clashes till now
  • Riot Guards moving to Enghelab sq – Police force being ordered back to bases.
  • Regular Security Forces ordered to leave Enghelab Sq. Guards units taking over
  • ppl moving in a stream to wards Enghelab from 100 bed hospital/Khomeini Hos
  • Thousends of people gathered in front of Polytechnic Uni and moving toward Valieasr St..
  • SARI:arge crowd armed with flowers and cameras in center of Sari
  • Basij & plainclothed at & around Dr. Beheshti Sq.
  • At 5 pm , thousends of people will march toward Valieasr St in support of political priosoners and will chant ” Political prisoners should be free”
  • basij throwing protesters from pedestrian bridges in Shiraz
  • At Enghelab Sq ,people walking on pedestrian ways,Police forces are there as well ,plainclothes are beween people.
  • Enghelab square is packed with people, Basijis are beating people, people are coming from surronding streets
  • Police shooting tear gas to people. people shouting dead to dictator
  • Clashes between police and people in Ebghelab Square
  • Clashes reported in Saatad Abad. Hundreds of protesters sitting on the ground in 12-e-Farvardin
  • Clashes between ppl who were moving towards Valieasr Sq and police forces
  • Clashes near Tehran university, police beating up protestors, tear gas fired
  • Enghelab square being packed with people coming from side streets, Basijis fighting them with batons & tear gas
  • Thousands of people are marching toward Valiasr square from Politechnic, one person is arrested in Enghelab square
  • ppl R moving toward Tehran Univ. & chant Don’t be afraid, we all are together
  • Security forces started using tear in Karegar st. Tehran gas
  • Police arrested a girl , they treated her very bad …they pulled her on the ground on the way to the van .Several people were arrested
  • Teargas fired at Enghelab Sq. clashes in Enghelab and Azadi Sq.
  • 2-3000 people now in Revolution (Enghelab) Square in Tehran
  • people and basijj clash at Enghelab square – people outnumber basijj by 10 to 1
  • Clashes infront of Tehran Universi and VankSq
  • People are joining the demonstration from Imam Hossein Sq. towards Enghelab Sq
  • Police arresting seemingly at random, throwing tear gas into buses.
  • Hundreds of Protesters chanting against the regime infron of Ploytechnic University, Near Azadi Sq.
  • Police used Teargas against people trying to push them back at Vanak Sq
  • Protests reported in Tabriz, Isfahan & Shiraz as well.
  • Heavy Clashes at Karegar Shomali St, (Near Enghlab Sq.) Tear gas, Fire and blockage…
  • Mashhad:In Imam reza Shrine ppl gatherd and number of them are icreasing minute by minute…
  • Isfahan streets are full of plaincloths and ppl are standing in streets from Khaju Brdg to Siosepol!
  • Next 2 Tehran University PPL are chanting death to the dictator and asking the Police Force to join them
  • Gathered ppl at Ferdowsi Sq r increasing ,thers’s a big crowd!
  • More than 30 ppl were arrested againt Tehran Uni..
  • Gunshots and tear gas fired at Engelab Sq
  • Esafahan Basijis attacking PPL with teargas
  • PPL got attacked and eye witness reported bloody PPL and teargas.
  • A big group of ppl are marching in Vesal St
  • Since 6pm some new groups of ppl have came to streets …
  • Helicopters moving in around the University
  • From Tehran Uni to beginning of Enghelab st at least 4000 ppl clapping full Bassij presence some scattred
  • Police Shooting Teargas at Poeple infront of Tehran University
  • Heavy Clashes in mohammad ali jenah St.
  • People are being arrested brutally in Enghelab, and tear gass is used in Vanak
  • People are boo-ing the bassij and sec force as they try to disperse them & shout.. “shah Soltan Velayat ur time is up’
  • uni slogans:”I will kill the one who killed my brother”..”down with dictator” SHAH SOLTAN VELAYAT ur times up
  • A lot of riot police have came in, and we saw them attacking people, in cooperation with basij.
  • Tehran:Gunshots heard at Keshavarz Blvd.
  • Tehran time:19:37
  • GunShots heard from Kargar Shomali St
  • ppl in Tabriz move toward Abresan intersection
  • Many of Tehran Marketers are closed in July 9th occasion
  • Clashes in front of Evin Prison!
  • Cars in the streets…fires everywhere in Azadi street…Basij breaking car windows
  • An hour ago Mirdamad Metro station sat on fire
  • Fire in Mirdamad getting out of control
  • Ppl attacked Basij in SaadatAbad & Sattarkhan
  • Several people arrested in Vlaiasr junction
  • Tehran time:20:30
  • Internet in Iran have many problem and speeds are low
  • After 8PM in Iran, still many ppl in street & ppl already chanting from rooftops. Many clashes today
  • Tehran is in fire people are so many more and bsij in some places running from protesters
  • People attacked Basij in SaadatAbad and Sattarkhan

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(*) da questo mese ilsuo blog è disponibile anche in italiano: qui


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    […] Bayat avrebbe dovuto ricere cure mediche, poiché tutte le strade erano chiuse a causa delle manifestazioni del 9 Luglio. Bayat ha chiesto ripetutamente agli ufficiali di rilasciare Kaveh, ma non le è stata prestata […]


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